The Emotions of a Bibliophile – in GIFs

I love books, but I also love GIFs. Sometimes, you just hit on the right one that perfectly encapsulates the way you feel about something. The following GIFs match exactly how I feel about various bookish situations. It was really fun to put together and I hope you’ll all be able to relate to it.

When the release date of a book you have been waiting AGES for is delayed (this just happened to me and I am NOT pleased!):

When you finally get your hands on it:

When an unexpected plot twist really shocks you:

When you walk into a bookstore:

When you’re trying to decide which of your many books to read next:

When you feel like you’re drowning in your TBR list:

When you find it completely impossible to put your book down because it’s THAT good:

When you just can’t handle everything a book is making you feel:

When someone borrows your book and damages it:

When you try to sneak in some reading time when you should be doing something else:

When you get to the end of one book in a series and realize you have to wait over a YEAR for the sequel:

When someone says they don’t read books:

When the movie adaptation completely screws up the whole point of the book:

When you just HAVE to tell other people about the amazing book you just read:

When non-bibliophiles tell you that you “need to get out more”:

When a book has a really satisfying ending:

I hope this post made you smile! Are there any bookish situations I’ve missed? Let me know in the comments!

9 thoughts on “The Emotions of a Bibliophile – in GIFs

    • Thanks! It’s Kate Mulgrew’s memoir. One of the most anticipated books of my entire life. The publication date appears to be the same but Amazon emailed me and said I won’t get it until two and a half MONTHS after it’s released. It might change again but if not I might be calling in a favour!

      • When was it supposed to come out? I have no problem sending it over. I pre-ordered a book that’s only available in the UK through Canongate (but is available on and it says it won’t get here until more than a month after the release date. I was considering asking you to send it to me, because I might die if I have to wait that long. Let me know if you want me to send this book to you! You know I will!!

      • Thanks, I know. 🙂 I would be more than happy to send you your one too. It’s due out on April 14th but the estimated delivery date is now July 3rd. I spoke to other UK Kate fans today and they all got the same email. Some problem with the supplier, apparently. The audiobook version (which I’ve also pre-ordered) has the same problem. Upset does not cover my feelings about this!! I’ll chat to you about it when we next Skype.

  1. Awesome! These are great. What about when you’re reading a book that you’re absolutely loving and then something drastic happens in the plot that is awful and/or makes no sense and you’re simultaneously disappointed and angry for what could have been? Or when someone keeps interrupting you/the phone rings/someone knocks on the door while you’re engrossed in a book? Or when you’re reading in a public place and the book makes you laugh out loud/cry/shout a it?

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