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I don’t know how you all feel about the term “bookworm”, but I’ve always thought it was cute and fun, so I’ve created my rating system around it. Just to make it a bit more interesting (or possibly just plain weird), I’m incorporating the origin of the term; bookworms are also the larva of a type of beetle which eats the paper and glue in books. Obviously, I would never want real bookworms to destroy actual books, this is just a bit of fun, so please bear with me!

Book Rating Picture Book Rating PictureBook Rating PictureBook Rating PictureBook Rating PictureThis book is simply wonderful. Well executed and intricate plot, dynamic and relatable characters, beautiful prose; I just love it. It has earned a place on my favourite books shelf, safe from the hungry bookworms.

Book Rating PictureBook Rating PictureBook Rating PictureBook Rating Picture This book is really enjoyable. Interesting and well thought out plot, compelling and fleshed out characters, engaging narrative and style; I’m really glad I read it. Although it hasn’t quite made my favourites shelf, I would still protect it from any greedy bookworms trying to grab a bite or two.

Book Rating PictureBook Rating PictureBook Rating Picture This book is pretty good. Convincing plot, relatively interesting characters, decent quality of prose and style; I’m happy enough to have read it. I would rather the bookworms didn’t snack on it.

Book Rating PictureBook Rating Picture This book is just okay. Dull or poorly executed plot, uninteresting and lifeless characters, poor style and expression; I could have done without reading it. If the bookworms got the munchies and wriggled their way into it, I probably wouldn’t stop them.

Book Rating Picture This book is terrible. Weak and unimaginative plot, underdeveloped and one-dimensional characters, amateurish writing; it’s just bad. I would feed this to the bookworms, although they probably wouldn’t eat it. I bet it even tastes bad.

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