The Cartoon Story of Print Books vs. e-books

I don’t know about you, but I’m a little tired of reading the same arguments surrounding the printed books versus e-books debate. I’ve accepted that there are differences in opinion and I’m not really interested in trawling over old ground. Only time will decide the fate of the printed page, and in the meantime everyone who loves to read is free to do so in whatever format they choose.

After reading this article and coming across an old image I found on my laptop, I had a surge of creativity and got the idea to make this little cartoon. It’s not an argument for one side or the other; it’s just a harmless bit of fun. I wish I could take credit for the cartoon images, but they are the work of other creative minds. The words are mine, though, and I hope they make you laugh.

Once upon a time, print books ruled the roost. They were the main source of knowledge and the only way people read stories.

Tower of books

Apart from the odd bookworm attack …

Bookworm to worm regarding book: 'Are you going to finish that?'

… books were happy and content.

Happy Book

Then, one day, e-books rolled into town. They were the cool kids on the block, with their fancy features and cheaper prices. These e-books had a bit of an attitude, and reckoned they were better than the printed page.

'And here's a look at our ancient ancestor after being thrown on a door step.'

Some printed books worried that they would go the same way as CDs did when MP3 players rolled in.

Bloody book and CD

Others just felt like giving up.

'I used to be somebody. . . I used to be a contender. . .'

They started to fear a future where they wouldn’t exist anymore.

                    'Remember to charge your ebook readers overnight. Tomorrow we have reading class.'  Signing ebook

But then, something wonderful happened. Printed books began to feel the love from their readers, and started to stand up for themselves. Some even got a little sassy …

Book insults ereader

… while others just got smart.

book and ebook insults fight

They were encouraged by the support of other “out-dated” inventions.

Funny book vs. e-book picture

Eventually, print books realised that they didn’t have to be enemies with e-books. After all, they both brought joy to millions of readers across the world, so they might as well be friends.

Book and ebook holding hands

In a world full of readers, there’s enough room for both of them.

The End


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